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Hot Stone Massage Back Neck and Shoulder 30mins or 45mins Appointment

£ 35.00 GBP
From encouraging relaxation, easing tense areas and soothing tired soft tissue – hot stones in massage therapy have a wealth of benefits for the body. This treatment involves pre-warmed small, smooth and flat-surfaced stones which are used to massage the body. Not only do they feel amazing, but they also relax the muscles to enable your therapist to work into the muscle more easily. Oil is also applied to the skin to ensure a soothing and relaxing treatment. Whether you prefer a deep tissue or more relaxing massage, all our massages begin with a full consultation and can be tailored to your preferences. This treatment involves the full back, neck and shoulders, legs, feet, hands, arms and scalp – but please note the scalp/foot massage is optional. We advise that you drink plenty of water after the treatment.

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